Reason #6 I love EQ

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Quilts are just blocks in grids, right?

Not necessarily! They can be, and they’re great that way, but EQ7 also lets you do this:

EQ Setting 1

Or this:

EQ Setting 2

Or these:

EQ Setting 3

EQ Setting 4

EQ Setting 5

All of these settings (and many more) are preloaded in EQ7 for you to drop blocks into and color.



  1. Wow! That first one is my favorite, but they are all interesting ways to lay out blocks! Thanks for sharing your love of EQ with us!

  2. Wow! Wow! Wow! that is so exciting. Just seeing this is inspirational. I have 20 x 12 inch blocks from a project and have been trying to come up with a setting for them. Does it also tell what size the setting triangles should be? That first example is fabulous.

    • Yes, Sheila, EQ7 shows the size of the square and whether you cut it diagonally once or twice to achieve the setting triangles.

  3. Oh, each reason you give has me longing for this software more than before! I’ve never worked with EQ and have been wondering what it could do to speed me along with my design ideas. It sounds like it has wonderful features that would take me less time to have my designs planned out for using.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Sandi! Really appreciate hearing about EQ from someone that uses it.

  4. I am a sampler addict – but never know how to put them all together. This software would be perfect.

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