Kindle cover redesign

I’ve had my Kindle for a year and a half now and I love it more than ever. My case, however, is also a year and a half old and it’s showing its age. You can see the original cover here (please disregard the rest of the post, especially the part about the Dear Jane blocks, which have increased in quantity only minimally since then).

The old cover did the trick, and I was very happy with it at the time. Since then, though I’ve discovered a few things about how I use the Kindle that resulted in a few design changes. A LOT of design changes!

First, I’m a little nervous about fabric covers because they don’t protect the screen at all. I’m pretty good about always setting the Kindle down with the screen turned down, to protect it from any random cat steps, but I’d like to not have to worry about it. Second, I don’t like how bulky the original case was. I used a double layer of batting and you can tell when holding it. I usually end up taking the Kindle out of the case entirely to hold it. In fact, I considered making a sleeve for the Kindle because it is so much easier to hold out of the case. Third, I like to prop it up against something so I can read while I’m eating lunch. It tends to slide, so I always have to rig something to brace it against and something else to put in front of it so it doesn’t slip.

I’m really pleased with the case that I came up with!

Kindle Cover

The fabric is Krakow, by Mark Lipinski for Northcott.

Kindle Cover

It looks like a sleeve with a really long cover flap. To protect the screen, I just slipped in a piece of inexpensive foam core board available at most craft or office supply stores.

Kindle Cover

There’s an extra little pocket on the far right side of the flap…

Kindle Cover

…and with the foam core in the large pocket I can flip the cover over, attach the velcro in back…

Kindle Cover

…slip the Kindle in the little pocket and have a stand!

Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover

I wish I’d made the large pocket an inch bigger, so it would stand more upright and not expose the foam core, but this angle works fine.

Kindle Cover

I even took photos during the assembly, and if anyone’s interested I’ll post a tutorial.


7 thoughts on “Kindle cover redesign

  1. Oh I’d love a tutorial . You have that reading set up down pat. I too love the read when I stop to eat. What if you simply made a short ‘pocket’ to slip over the end of the board to ease your mind. It doesn’t bother me but i know how somethings just need to be tweaked.

  2. Tutorial, please. Your Kindle cover might be the very thing that pushes me into finally purchasing one– I’ve been looking at them for ages, but just don’t like the covers you can purchase

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