Running out of steam

I think I’ve gone about as far as I can on the room “makeover” today. I’ve unloaded and reloaded shelves, moved boxes, shifted furniture – and then shifted it back, in one case. I’m tired, my muscles hurt and I have a headache. That’s partly because I tripped over a box yesterday and fell. I had an armload of books and at least had the presence of mind to toss them aside, but I still ended up on my hands and knees. I don’t know how I managed to avoid real injury because not only is there an awful lot of me, but the floor is just carpet over cement and it is very hard. It was quite a jolt, and my neck is a little out of whack, thus the headache.

On the plus side, the heat wave broke and it was a comfortable 85-ish degrees outside (when I managed to go out there). Normally that’s too warm for me, but the past two weeks have been 90 – 100 degrees everyday, and we hit 105 on Friday. I just can’t take that kind of heat.

Does anyone else do this? I have scale drawings of most of the rooms in the house, with tiny scale furniture rectangles. I shuffle everything around on paper first, then move it for real.

Makeover Step 1 - the Plan

Oddly enough, when my dad passed away I came across an envelope with the same little scale drawings that he’d done when he was a teenager. Years later when I was helping my grandmother write a book of stories from her life, she pulled out an envelope with – you guessed it – little scale drawings of rooms and furniture. My scale is different from anyone I’ve ever met, but it’s so easy! I measure the room and furniture in inches and draw the models in millimeters. Most rooms fit nicely on a standard sheet of paper.

I still have work to do in the basement, but I’m at the point where we could have the sewing day tomorrow, if necessary. I have a pile of boxes on the table to go through – lots of old papers to be shredded, old tech boxes, miscellaneous detritus, and even some – gasp! – floppy disks. “2002 Quicken Backup” – seriously!

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

I also have a double stack of CDs to stash somewhere convenient so I can get them on my iPod…

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

…a tote of books that need shelf space, and a big expanse of shelves that still need to be culled/sorted/rearranged…

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

…and fabric to sort and put away.

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

But MY sewing space (and Jeanne’s) looks good…

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

…bolts are neatly stored (and Buttercup wants to be in the picture…

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

…and again)

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

…and on the whole…

Makeover Step 1 Nearly Done

…it looks pretty good. Not too bad for two days’ work.

Now I want a hot shower and some wine.



  1. VERY impressed with your progress and deep sympathy on the heat. It was “only” 86 here today, a great relief after the 104 of yesterday . . . . .

  2. One suggestion for the headache – find yourself a good chiropractor. I think you’d be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.
    Doesn’t everyone make scale drawings? I’m not about to move my heavy furniture before I figure out if it will even fit!

  3. You’ve done a great job on your space. Yes, I’ve made a mock up of all my tables, shelves, etc before I set up my sewing room. It’s the only way to go. Glad your heat wave has broke, we finally got a few days of summer so we all welcomed the 80+ heat up here.
    Enjoy your “new” space.

  4. You did a lot in two days. Time to sit back and enjoy the rewards. Everything looks so neat. No, I do not draw to scale and move things around on paper first. I know of the method and have always thought it would be a smart thing to do. I have not moved furniture around in a long, long time.

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