Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain

Wisconsin is officially in a drought emergency. It’s dry and it’s hot and it’s miserable. In the month of July, the lowest high temperature so far was 87 degrees (about 30 degrees Celsius), and we’ve had several days with temps of 100 or more (38 Celsius). May and June usually have nearly 8 inches of rain, and this year it was only 2.5. We’ve had no measurable rain in July.

Last night we had a lovely thunderstorm.

As Ladysmith Black Mambazo sang, “Rain, Rain, Beautiful Rain.”

Drought isn’t over, but at least we’re heading in the right direction. And the high today is supposed to be 81 (27). Heaven!



  1. It had been so long since I’d heard thunder, i just assumed it was a jet overhead. Loved going to bed to the sound of rain on the roof. But now, no rain for at least another week. Glad I didn’t plant any flowers this year…

  2. How I wish my area would get some rain! I’m not greedy, but it would be great to have an all-night drizzle.

    Thanks for the music!

  3. It was nice to finally see some rain, but I think the total here has only been about a quarter inch. For as cloudy as it’s been all day, I hope more is on the way. I don’t ever remember a summer this hot and dry!

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