Long hard look, part 4

Now we’re getting to the bits and pieces, the starters, the block of the month that ran out of steam after half a year.

30s Repro pillow covers by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

These began as a block of the month project through a local quilt shop. The shop provided a kit each month that included instructions and all of the fabric, but it was very dark, Kansas Troubles-like fabric, just not my style at all. After a few blocks, I decided that wasn’t going to happen, and I dug out a selection of 30s repro fabric and started over. I got through 3 blocks. At least these might eventually become something useful. My mom quilted them individually with a basic straight line pattern, and I plan to turn them into pillow covers.

Pillow covers by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

These are also destined to become pillow covers, made from assorted leftover scraps.

Ironwork* large blocks by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

I shared an Ironwork* wall quilt a little while ago, and this is the larger version. Or rather, this is four measly blocks of the larger version. The big block is 20″ finished, I think. I intended to make it a variety of small floral prints, but it went the way of many others and now languishes in a plastic tote. I still really like this, and maybe it will see progress. Check in with me in another five years. I did a quilt along for this, and I just posted the EQ8 files to download for those who have EQ8. That post includes links to all of the quilt along posts, if you’d like to give it a try.

Miscellaneous leftover blocks by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

Speaking of the Ironwork* quilt, this photo of a random assortment of leftover blocks includes three of the smallest Ironwork* blocks. The four large blocks in the bottom corner are leftover from a going away quilt the Stitch & Bitch group made for one of our members when she moved to Las Vegas. The pinwheels and other blocks at the bottom right are the first samples when Jeanne (of Grey Cat Quilts) and I began writing the Skill Builder Series. The top right includes four old Shoofly blocks in the cutest fairy prints. I made these in the first year of quilting, before I understood the importance of value. At the very top is a tiny little zigzag mini I made just to see if I could do it. I cut “strips” from 5″ charms, if I remember correctly. Here’s a close up of the front and back (it’s 8″ x 5 1/4″ – when I look at this post on my laptop, the picture is almost actual size):

Ultra Mini Zigzag quilt top by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

Ultra Mini Zigzag quilt back by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

There’s so much more to share, but I think I’ll stop for the night. Next up, Block of the Month collections.