Quilting with cat

Quilting with Cat at Piecemeal Quilts

This is how I accomplish actual sewing (or writing). If she doesn’t have her basket, Buttercup tries to sit in my arms. She sneaks, at sloth pace, along the front of the desk and squeezes in front of me. I think she thinks if she moves slowly enough, I won’t notice. So I made her this basket, with leftover fabric, batting and fiberfill. We’re in the basement, so the heat vent is directly above her. It works. Sometimes.



  1. Our Serena has appropriated one of the laundry baskets that sits on top of the dryer. We keep an old towel in it for her. She also spends hours sitting on the corner of my sewing machine cabinet looking out the windows at birds in the bushes and yard. Yesterday she did her best to help me while I was pin basting a quilt. All those open safety pins in a dish were irresistible.

  2. She looks just like my cat, Patches. My cat will just sit there and meow (in increasing volume) until I give him the attention he wants.

  3. Awww. And I’m totally laughing, because I know that creep so very well. . .

  4. I know the same feeling…My cats are always trying to lay on the fabric…or even try to walk in front of the sewing machine.Kyle wants me to hold him when I try to sew.

  5. Mine doesn’t even attempt the sloth crawl. He just gives me that “remember when I spent two weeks in the hospital with kidney failure” look…it’s not that difficult to sew with a Siamese in your lap 🙂

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