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Botanicals BOM by Piecemeal Quilts
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For the past, oh, six years or so, a group of quilters has been getting together at my home once a month to sew, eat, and chat. We call it Stitch & Bitch, and if you’ve been following this blog, you’ve seen photos of the ladies and their projects. Every couple of years we do a block of the month project. The first one was stars, the second baskets, and the latest is plant themed blocks. Because I am a freak and enjoy the calculating side of quilting as much as the creating side, I’ve taken on the task of choosing and writing the block instructions for everyone. Okay, who am I kidding – the real reason is because I like telling people what to do, and this is a socially acceptable way to do that.

Anyway, the Botanicals BOM stalled about 3/4 of the way through because I chose a block that didn’t work at the size we were using. I had a little meltdown and stopped even looking at the blocks for a year. Yes, twelve full months have passed since block 9 gave me fits. Yesterday and today, however, I finished the remaining blocks (there are 14 all together because a couple of the quilt layouts require extra blocks). Because I didn’t want another sampler quilt languishing, unfinished, on my blog (Test Your Skills Sampler, anyone?), I have hesitated to share the blocks for the Botanical BOM on the blog. Now that all of the block instructions are written, I think it’s safe to do so. That said…

Botanical BOM 1 Botanical BOM 2 Botanical BOM 3
I’m providing three setting options here, ranging from a generous lap to a large king size quilt. Of course you can do anything you want with the blocks! The second setting requires five extra blocks – four pineapples in the corner and a Tree of Life in the center. If you click on the image, you’ll download a PDF that shows the illustration as well as the fabric requirements. The grayscale fabric requirements are for the setting, and the color fabric requirements are for the blocks. The color requirements, especially, are guidelines. I used eight colors, but you may choose to go scrappier.

If you’re interested in seeing other settings and colorways, check out my Botanicals BOM Flickr set. By the way, the green, white and pink illustration is the setting I hope to make out of mine. At this point I can’t find my EQ file for it (hopping between 4 computers makes it difficult), but as this progresses, don’t be surprised if instructions for that setting pop up as well. Also be sure to check out the Botanical BOM quilt top made by Jeanne of Grey Cat Quilts. She took the EQ7 file I started with and went to town with it, adding several more blocks, and setting it in the most wonderful setting you can imagine. It’s massive and just beautiful.

Here is a list of block posts so far:
Block 1: Tangled Briars

If you’re a Flickr user, I’d love to see what you’re doing with these blocks. Feel free to share photos of you fabric selections, blocks, tops, quilts, or other projects made from the Botanical BOM in my Piecemeal Quilts Projects group.

I will post the first of the block instructions later this week, and after that the block instructions will go up on the first of each month. Please let me know if you have any questions. I’m back into blogging, but that doesn’t mean I remember everything I’m supposed to do!



  1. Oh Sandi, I LOVE the trees!! These are awesome and I can’t wait to see the finished product!! I’m so glad you are back to the blog!

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