Serendipitous quilting

I shared the EQ8 file for the Serendipity quilt, along with the story of the quilt, here.

I’ve had a number of reasons to delay putting it on the frame, logical, genuine reasons, not excuses (okay, maybe a few excuses), but today I finally did it. Well, actually, I put it on the frame last night but I was tired and didn’t want to start working on it when I was sleepy. (See, that’s an excuse.)  But it’s on the frame now, and yesterday I printed out an illustration of the quilt so I could draw on it to figure out how I wanted to quilt it. I messed around with a few ideas and came up with one that I could live with – not just an allover design, but also not beyond my capabilities. Something I could finish in a day or two so it didn’t hang out on the frame mocking me.

Serendipity quilting diagram by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

It hasn’t exactly gone smoothly, with some tension issues, but I’m over the worst part. Once I get started, even if I take frequent breaks, I usually can keep plugging away until it’s finished.

Serendipity by Sandi Walton at Piecemeal Quilts

Unless there are machine issues (imagine the sound of knuckles on wood). Please don’t let there be machine issues.

By the way, yes, that is a seam ripper you see. I’ve used it three times already. Sigh.